Next Release

  • 5/19/2024 - Performance enhancements on buy/sell form.
  • 5/18/2024 - Bug Fix - Closing buy/sell form would not re-display watch-list if show portfolio/watch-list on same view.
  • 5/17/2024 - Additional performance enhancements for balance form.
  • 5/17/2024 - Performance Increase in calculating shares owned. (noticeable difference if you have thousands buy/sells for stock) This will increase performance in TDM load time, balance form view, stock list view, and rebuilding balance.
  • 5/16/2024 - New Feature. Add Transaction - Can now transfer monies from one portfolio to another.
  • 5/15/2024 - New Option.  View register by year.  Defaults to Yes.
  • 5/15/2024 - Register can now be displayed by year.  Faster performance for large ledgers and easier to navigate.
  • 5/15/2024 - Some Register row and column graphical displays will not be utilized if optimization is prudent.
  • 5/14/2024 - Import - Deposits/Withdrawals imported via Deposit/Withdrawal rather than journal MISC credit/debit
  • 5/14/2024 - Bug Fix : Subscript error 9 fix (could cause crash)
  • 5/10/2024 - Bug Fix : Visual Issue : Green back color properly reset after fetching dividend source 4.
  • 5/10/2024 - Bug Fix : Status Line [%] macro - incorrect calculation of percentage.
  • 5/10/2024 - Removed cents from status line currency values.  ( ie, rounded to the nearest dollar)
  • 5/10/2024 - Added [r] macro to status line.  Inflation Adjusted Retirement goal - Abbreviated.
  • 5/08/2024 - Portfolio Main Screen. CD/Funds Interest column tool tip now includes previous month information.


11.0.1445 : Released May 1st 2024

  • 4/20/2024 - Anchored Portfolio items can have their own sort.
  • 4/16/2024 - Anchored Watchlist items can have their own sort.
  • 4/16/2024 - Regarding Anchored Sorting, (Click column with middle mouse button) - If you wish to re-sort off main list, then click column #1 with the middle mouse button.
  • 4/16/2024 - Locate stock supports anchor view/modification.
  • 4/15/2024 - New Stock menu option - Anchor.
  • 4/15/2024 - Ability to Anchor Stock to Top of Portfolio and/or watchlist.
  • 4/12/2024 - Stock Tool Tip - Previously sold stock (No current shares) - Shows Stock performance since sale.
  • 4/02/2024 - Bug Fix - Fixed issue scenario where it could give distribution warning when not applicable.
  • 3/31/2024 - Balance Form - Balance bar chart - Changed display of value once exceeds 1 million.
  • 3/31/2024 - Balance Form - Reworking of sizing and placement of pie charts and balance bar chart.
  • 3/28/2024 - New Report - Earnings Calendar (Shows all stocks, not just TDM, however defaults to TDM aware stocks)
  • 3/27/2024 - Marking a stock as dormant is now global to all portfolios.
  • 3/25/2024 - New Report - Dividend Source (Lets you see how dividends are updating from various sources)
  • 3/24/2024 - Balance Form, Added caption options for 'Current Balances' list.  Can rename Cost Basis and Cash Assets.
  • 3/24/2024 - Balance Form, Added Pencil icon (visible when mouse moves over them) for lists that have configurable option(s).
  • 3/24/2024 - Balance Form, Click Cash Balance List allows you to change Caption for Cash Balance.
  • 3/24/2024 - 3rd party change.  Needed to update to recapture one of the dividend sources.
  • 3/23/2024 - Balance form. Balances display, added CD/Cash Assets balance if applicable.
  • 3/23/2024 - Balance form. Cleaned up a couple inconsistencies.
  • 3/21/2024 - Calendar reload button now resets back to current month/year.
  • 3/21/2024 - Improved Performance on calendar loading.
  • 3/21/2024 - New font icon on Calendar view, allows you to specify calendar font size.
  • 3/21/2024 - CPI monthly updates now trigger alerts.
  • 3/21/2024 - Alerts - Can now have annual event, which is repeated every year on the same day/month.
  • 3/20/2024 - TDM now supports quote history for built in commodities and crypto currencies.
  • 3/17/2024 - Date/Time triggered alerts now display in Calendar View, including new annual events.
  • 3/17/2024 - 'The Fed' (FOMC) scheduled meetings creates calendar alerts.
  • 3/16/2024 - New Report - Fed Interest Rate.
  • 3/16/2024 - New optional FYI footer item - Current Fed Rate.
  • 3/16/2024 - New optional FYI footer item - Current CPI monthly rate.
  • 3/16/2024 - Import - TDM no longer reboots unless unknown stocks are added to TDM through Import.
  • 3/12/2024 - Portfolio/Watchlist chart graph now displays number of days back (same as chart form)
  • 3/11/2024 - Portfolio/Watchlist chart graph max days now 90 days.
  • 3/11/2024 - chart graph for portfolio/watchlist now sized based on # of days viewing.
  • 3/11/2024 - Chart View - No longer resets # of days when jumping from one stock to another.
  • 3/10/2024 - Modified timing of automated stock updates.
  • 3/09/2024 - Actions menu item renamed to View.
  • 3/09/2024 - Retirement Report - Now includes portfolio/stock breakdown of yearly estimated dividends.
  • 3/09/2024 - Modification on how twelve month trailing dividend is calculated. Instead of just basing it off 1 year back, which could yield shorts and/or additions, TDM also counts the # of dividends in the prior year to make sure the count is the same.
  • 3/05/2024 - Create Stock Alert. - Checkbox to add to watch-list and highlight now changed to just add to watch-list.
  • 3/05/2024 - Report - Retirement - Added Yearly (portfolio linked) progress.
  • 3/05/2024 - Fixed bug where imported interest linked to a virtual stock could create improper id transactions.
  • 3/04/2024 - Report - New Report - CPI Inflation rate
  • 3/04/2024 - Report - Retirement - Inflation based on yearly CPI data rather than a fixed inflation rate.
  • 3/03/2024 - TDM can now utilize annual average FED CPI (Consumer Price Index).
  • 3/03/2024 - Buy/Sell - Inflation - Virtual Stocks - When ever you apply this feature, it automatically clears prior automated inflation records.  This way, you can go back, edit certain values, add/remove records, and then re-run the inflation button.
  • 3/03/2024 - Stock add/edit - New checkbox. Quote Linked. Applicable to Virtual Stocks, such as assets.  Direct buy/sell records linked to chart.
  • 3/03/2024 - Chart - Quote Linked virtual stocks will now show buy/sell notes on buy/sell bubbles.
  • 3/03/2024 - Buy/Sell - Grid Spacing changed to make more room for notes.
  • 3/03/2024 - Buy/Sell - Share Tally grid added
  • 3/03/2024 - Chart - On CD flagged virtual stocks, chart now graphs APY.
  • 3/02/2024 - Buy/Sell - Inflation/Interest buttons now made available to everyone.  Visible for virtual stocks only.  If you have a interest bearing virtual stock, you can click the 'interest' button, which allows you to specify current apy, date, and interest amount.  This will then automatically re-purchase the additional shares and make all registry entries.  If you have a appreciable/depreciable virtual stock asset, you can click the 'inflation' button , you specify the date to start, and it will automatically apply average year's CPI appreciation/depreciation buy/sells - I personally use the 'inflation' button in my HARD- ASSETS portfolio.
  • 3/02/2024 - Chart - CD Accounts/Schwab Money Funds now save yield information within historical value.
  • 3/01/2024 - Portfolio View : CD accounts. Dividend now tallied day by day to account for period deposit/withdrawals/api
  • 3/01/2024 - Portfolio View : Dividend - Schwab money funds account for Schwab Monthly Distribution Schedule
  • 3/01/2024 - Portfolio View - Dividend Column - Tool tip now shows dates (accrual period) and # of days.
  • 2/28/2024 - Reports - Added Progress Frame/Progress to many reports.
  • 2/28/2024 - Report - Global Trades - Improved performance
  • 2/28/2024 - Report - Global Trades - Tally Debits and Credits
  • 2/28/2024 - Report - Global Trades - Removed Cash Balance
  • 2/28/2024 - Report - Yearly Performance - Greatly improved speed of processing report.
  • 2/28/2024 - Report - Yearly Performance -  Modifications to report for better clarity.
  • 2/27/2024 - Increased performance on stock quote updates.
  • 2/27/2024 - Increased performance on portfolio/watch-list updates.
  • 2/26/2024 - New Stock Menu Option - Locate Stock.
  • 2/26/2024 - New Portfolio Column - dAvg - Average market dividend APY based yearly, and then averaged over years owned.
  • 2/26/2024 - New Portfolio Column - # of full years owned current share block of stock.
  • 2/26/2024 - New Portfolio Column - mAvg - Stock performance averaged over the years owned.
  • 2/26/2024 - Improved load times on portfolio/watch-list when viewing SMA or Graphical Chart.
  • 2/25/2024 - Trade Report - added stock filter, and current portfolio option.
  • 2/25/2024 - Trade/Dividend/Interest/Passive Reports - More versatile time period filtering.
  • 2/25/2024 - Trade/Dividend/Interest/Passive Reports - Added [?] tool top for explanation.
  • 2/24/2024 - Redesign of stock deletion.  Ability to delete stock globally from all portfolios
  • 2/24/2024 - Redesign of 'Locate Stock'.  Ability to delete stocks within portfolio or globally within this new feature.
  • 2/24/2024 - Locate Stock - Ability to add/remove from watch-list stocks from different portfolios.
  • 2/23/2024 - Option to delete stock globally. (in all portfolios)
  • 2/23/2024 - Stock List - New menu button allows for changing stock list view options.
  • 2/23/2024 - Stock List - Can now show stocks linked to portfolio, or all stocks globally. - Defaults to Linked to Portfolio.
  • 2/23/2024 - Stock List - Can now quickly swap between grouped/un-grouped. - Defaults to grouped.
  • 2/22/2024 - Bug Fix. Cosmetic - Portfolio Footer cell background colors were lost when re-sizing the TDM application.
  • 2/21/2024 - 3rd party modifications - Obtained lost stock information from secondary stock source.
  • 2/21/2024 - Detail form now includes market values first/end of year.
  • 2/21/2024 - Detail form now shows # of years owned.
  • 2/21/2024 - Stock Tooltip now shows # of years owned, or # of years since last owned.
  • 2/19/2024 - Buy/Sell form can now be height expanded to 100% (Click orange Up/Down arrow on right side)
  • 2/19/2024 - TDM can now download split history for a stock. (Chart View or Buy/Sell View)
  • 2/19/2024 - New Report - Quote Tool - View potential issues with calculating historical market values.
  • 2/19/2024 - New Form - Splits/Adjustments - Can be viewed from Buy/Sell or Chart view.
  • 2/19/2024 - Ability to see that a stock split was previously manually adjusted to your buy/sells.
  • 2/15/2024 - Chart View - Import Quotes - Can now import Days Low/High.
  • 2/15/2024 - Chart View - Import Quotes - Ability to customize field locations.
  • 2/15/2024 - Clean up some Stock Detail form issues.
  • 2/15/2024 - 3rd Party Changes - Reacquired some lost crypto currency quote data.
  • 2/14/2024 - Bug Fix - Chart graph sometimes drew buy/sell dots along bottom of graph.
  • 2/10/2024 - Chart Modification  - If delete quotes and net search yields nothing, your original stock quotes are restored.
  • 2/10/2024 - Modification - Update Buy/Sells record. If the date is older than 90 days, it will prompt if you wish to process the dividend on this update.
  • 2/10/2024 - Feature Addition - Can mark a stock (stock edit form) as de-listed.  Automatically makes stock dormant as well.
  • 2/10/2024 - Stock List - Change of Some of the icons.
  • 2/10/2024 - Stock List - Show stocks you once owned as a separate category.
  • 2/10/2024 - Delisted stocks listed with Dormant stocks. (Different Icon)
  • 2/10/2024 - Edit stock form now now parented to main window.
  • 2/10/2024 - Modification - Can now default to retrieve up to 20 years of historical quotes.
  • 2/10/2024 - Bug Fix - If you pulled up a stock edit form on a dormant stock, it would de-list it as dormant.
  • 2/10/2024 - Stock Chart - Graphic chart (buy/sell bubbles) Tool-Tip (Hover Mouse) will now include High/Low and Adj. Values.
  • 2/10/2024 - Stock Chart - Daily close values - Tool Tip (Hover Mouse) on Close Column value will now include High/Low values.
  • 2/10/2024 - Stock quote history now adjusts for splits/mergers so historical quotes can properly match buy sell values.
  • 2/10/2024 - Stock quote history now captures days Low/High value.
  • 2/7/2024 - Bug Fix - Stock Chart - After downloading, a redundant redraw of the chart took place. More efficient now.
  • 2/7/2024 - New Stock Quote History Source. - More efficient and leaner.
  • 2/6/2024 - Bug - Fixed - Chart View. Would not always display dividend paydates on multi year view.
  • 2/6/2024 - Chart View. Now shows orange bubble to denote buys & sells on the same day.
  • 2/6/2024 - Chart View. Tooltip now shows more buy/sell information.
  • 2/6/2024 - TDM will attempt to download historical quotes back to your first purchase date. (even if more than 10 years in past)
  • 2/6/2024 - Chart View - Can now display 10/15 & 20 year.
  • 2/6/2024 - Bug - Detail View - Fixed - Unrealized market gains again shows percentage per year.
  • 2/6/2024 - Bug - Chart View - Fixed - Show chart since first purchase was not working.
  • 2/6/2024 - Last Portfolio Quotes Internet fetch timestamp now kept separate for each portfolio.
  • 2/6/2024 - Splash screen no longer forced to Front of screen.
  • 2/6/2024 - TDM's automated timers disabled while rebuilding balances.
  • 2/6/2024 - Rebuilding balances more efficient, smoother and cleaner.
  • 2/5/2024 - Bug Fix - Possible Overflow error on new footer value.  Only occurs on databases with no stock ownership.
  • 2/5/2024 - Added 10/15/20 years to balance chart within balance form.
  • 2/5/2024 - Import Form. Added - Display # of items filtered out due to date restrictions.
  • 2/5/2024 - Import Form. Fixed issue where you could get an item that only displayed date.
  • 2/4/2024 - Fixed - Balance Chart - Possible issue where it showed a negative value on value line.
  • 2/4/2024 - Better balance building handling (obtaining market value based on date)
  • 2/4/2024 - Optimization building balances.
  • 2/4/2024 - Additional Sources added for Quote History.
  • 2/4/2024 - Report - Monthly Market Value - CD aware.
  • 2/3/2024 - Balance building optimization added.
  • 2/2/2024 - Clean Up - Portfolio Ticker Column Backcolor adjustments when fetching internet.
  • 2/1/2024 - Stock edit form will display ADR icon if detects stock is an American Depository Receipt which is typically a foreign stock that can include ADR Fees with dividends and stock sells.
  • 2/1/2024 - Internet fetching optimization added to stock add/edit form regarding summary information.
  • 2/1/2024 - New Stock Checkbox Option (ADR Stock)
  • 2/1/2024 - Removed stock edit checkbox option.  'Copy summary to notes'.


10.1.1347 : Released January 31st 2024

  • 1/30/2024 - Stock Edit/Add form.  Now detects Summary of FUNDS.
  • 1/30/2024 - Fixed issue where it wasn't properly fetching 52 week High in certain situations. (Utilizing One of the Quote Sources)
  • 1/30/2024 - Fetch Earnings/Report date from multiple sources.
  • 1/30/2024 - Fixed - Portfolio/Watch-List - Sorting Issue with Revenue/Net Income.
  • 1/29/2024 - 3rd party change - Re-obtained Key Statistics. (Netincome/Revenue/BVPS/ShortRatio/Insiders/Institutions)
  • 1/28/2024 - Status Line - New Macro [-] Monthly total Approx (Dividend+Interest+Loans) - Portfolio Linked
  • 1/27/2024 - Modified foundation of initiating tooltip.  (More responsive)
  • 1/26/2024 - Cleaned up and changed organization of stock ticker tool-tip. (Better space handling)
  • 1/26/2024 - Stock Ticker Tool-Tip - Shows different information for CD's
  • 1/26/2024 - Portfolio Column - ToolTip. Modified display information to give more information. (easy to read)
  • 1/26/2024 - Stock toolTip now includes PPS for each portfolio that owns the same stock.
  • 1/26/2024 - Stock toolTip now includes percentage change along with quote and colorized depending on day gain or loss.
  • 1/26/2024 - Status Line - New Macro [l] : Yearly Total Loan Interest Income
  • 1/25/2024 - Added ability to support apy fetching of online savings banks.
  • 1/25/2024 - View Retirement Report - Modified to Include Interest from CD's
  • 1/25/2023 - Set Retirement - Updated Text of Passive Income Goal
  • 1/25/2024 - Status Line - New Macro [+] Yearly Forward Looking (Dividend+Interest+Loans) Income. - Portfolio Linked
  • 1/25/2024 - Status Line - New Macro [i] Forward Looking Yearly (Portfolio linked) Interest Income.
  • 1/25/2024 - Status Line - New Macro [*] Combined Linked Portfolio Value
  • 1/25/2024 - Status Line - New Macro [g] Percentage of Retirement goal of Linked Portfolio Values
  • 1/25/2024 - Status Line - 'Yearly Dividend' better educated guess calculation method.
  • 1/24/2024 - Balance chart MTD/YTD/LifeTime - Cleaned up a couple inconsistencies.
  • 1/24/2024 - Balance chart - MTD/YTD percentage now based off starting portfolio value rather than expense. This now matches what would be displayed if you viewed a balance report from a printed statement.
  • 1/24/2024 - Cleaned up Statement Report
  • 1/24/2024 - Statement report now displays CDs/Money Funds beginning and ending balances.
  • 1/24/2024 - Added clearer descriptions of values within Statement Report.
  • 1/23/2024 - Portfolio View - New Footer Value - Spread now shows total percentage to total market stock value.
  • 1/23/2024 - Regarding Portfolio View - Stocks marked as (CD) no longer included in Market Expense/Value/GainLoss.
  • 1/23/2024 - Re Portfolio View - CD stocks, Spread now a percentage of total portfolio value.
  • 1/23/2024 - Re Portfolio View - CD stocks, (PF) column now supports showing all linked portfolios with same CD.
  • 1/23/2024 - Re Portfolio View - CD stocks, irrelevant columns now blank.
  • 1/19/2024 - Schwab Money Market Fund APY support.  Enter the fund with a # symbol first, example : #SWVXX - Auto fetches current interest rate.  Displays APY in dividend yield column.  Auto loads Name of fund, and summarizes all schwab funds and APY rates.  *Note - Can import INTEREST from schwab CSV export, and within TDM can import interest, and repurchase shares.
  • 1/19/2024 - Bug Fix. Creating new CD account wasn't saving CD checkbox on initial save.

10.1.1329 : Released January 16th 2024

  • 1/16/2024 - Bug Fix - Get Incoming News alerts option was not working when disabled.
  • 1/14/2024 - 3rd Party Update - Reacquired stock news.
  • 1/14/2024 - Updated TAF and section 31 FEES.
  • 1/13/2024 - Modified - Date Filter now filters at import file level along with process level
  • 1/12/2024 - Modified - Rebuild Balances - Add * to apply to all linked portfolios.
  • 1/10/2024 - Added - Yearly Performance - Report now includes Cost and Market value Dividend Yields
  • 1/10/2024 - Modified - Statement Report - Interest Percentage is now based off from-date Cash and CD balance.
  • 1/10/2024 - Added - Statement Report - Now includes dividend yield off cost and market value.
  • 1/8/2024 - Fixed - Certain printed reports were excluding report title and page numbering.
  • 1/8/2024 - Fixed - outline print on reports.
  • 1/8/2024 - Fixed - initialization issues when jumping from one report to another.
  • 1/7/2024 - Changed grid line color a bit darker so that it is more visible on printer.
  • 1/7/2024 - Fixed - print issue on report where right cell alignment was not recognized.  Now supports right alignment in cells.
  • 1/7/2024 - Fixed - print issue, horizontal line on top of page ran entire length of page without the margins.
  • 1/6/2024 - Stocks marked as 'CD'. Fixed expenditure field in portfolio view.
  • 1/6/2024 - Fixed - Balance bar chart might not show correct todays balance when including multiple portfolios.
  • 1/6/2024 - Fixed - issues with not loading existing retirement values when modifying retirement goals.
  • 1/5/2024 - Added - Passive Income Report. (one or multiple portfolios) (includes, Interest,Dividends,Loans)
  • 1/4/2023 - Added - Loan Report
  • 1/4/2024 - Added - Clicking cell in report copies cell value to windows clipboard.  (for Windows Paste)
  • 1/4/2024 - Added - Global Interest Report - Displays Interest per year across one/multiple portfolios.
  • 1/4/2024 - Added - Optional Stock Filter to Distribution Report. - Allows you to view distributions for just one stock across multiple portfolios.
  • 1/2/2024 - 3rd party change -  Fixed yahoo parsing issue.  Fixed some crypto currency quotes and brings back secondary quote source.
  • 1/2/2024 - Modifications to CSV import functionality for more versatility.
  • 12/1/2023 - Import Functionality. -  regarding CSV import of Schwab.  1) Resolved issue where in certain scenarios, dividend wasn't grabbing stock, because import didn't properly have information.  Was able to retrieve stock information from Import Description.  Stock was placed within open and close () symbols.  #2) Invalid date field crashed program, because import file had mal-formed date.  Was able to decipher mal-formed data to retrieve valid date.

10.1.1317 : Released June 2nd 2023

  • 3rd party change.  New version needed to fetch key statistical information and sector industry information
  • Bug Fix (2023-06-02) : Infinite loop scenario displaying 'New News' message box. Fixed!
  • Bug Fix (2023-05-06) : Retirement Report / Set Retirement.  Clicking Cancel would clear existing value.  Clicking cancel on questions NOW retains original value.
  • 3rd Party (2023-05-05) : Import Transactions - Specific to TDAmeritrade - Stock name returned bogus value of '&nbsp' when meant to have no value.  Added exclusion to return correct null value.  Visual issue only, caused no real issue.
  • (2023-05-06) - Feature only available in debug environment - Added reconcile button to import form.  Reconcile button compares items in import file to TDM register and highlights any entries it couldn't find or match within TDM.  This should allow the ability to find balance inconsistencies much faster. - If this feature interests you, please contact me, in the meantime, feature will not be publicly available.

10.1.1315 : Released February 25th 2023

  • 3rd party change.  Possible crash when FETCHING dividend information from internet.  Fixed 2023-02-22
  • Invested in Savings Account such as SWVXX.  Create virtual stock as #SWVXX.  If you have 50,000, then you would buy 50,000 shares at $1.00 - Mark stock as CD/Savings and you can specify interest rate (within stock edit).  Via TDameritrade you can now import these as interest payments.  TDM will detect it, assign it properly as INTEREST, and credit, and buy the additional shares automatically on import.
  • Modification : Stock List (Far left window frame) will now consider future shares grounds to show as portfolio (top of list).  Previously, shares purchases forward dated (into future) would not list as portfolio stocks until purchase date.

10.1.1314 : January 2023 (Never auto released)

  • Bug : Detailed form, wouldn't auto refresh detail form after pulling in new dividend history. (only if dividend source was 2,3 or 4th) (Fixed 1/10/2023)
  • Display Update : If in detail form, it displays dividend source.  If you modify the dividend source in the stock edit form, the detail form will now display and reflect that modification.
  • Feature : Report Statement : Added percentage loss/gain to final portfolio value cell. (1/10/2023)
  • Feature : Printed Statement : Chart modification to show more useful information. (Only seen when you PRINT statement. Example all 2022) (1/10/2023)
  • Bug Fix : Printing of reports could result in text getting cut off.  (Fixed 1/11/2023)
  • Modification : Stocks that are setup as CD/Savings accounts.  Interest button, when posted, will now display current interest rate and balance of account at time of posting. (1/11/2023)
  • Modification : Distributions report, when printed, will no longer print LINK column, as it's not applicable to printing  (1/11/2023)
  • Bug Fix : If you create a virtual stock that exists in another portfolio, it will copy in the INFO rather than making you re-create it from scratch. (1/12/2023)
  • Bug Fix : Stock Ticker Color (within portfolio stock column) would stay orange color after stock updates.  (1/12/2023)
  • Bug Fix : Error with rounding function.  Could cause issues here/there.  (Fixed 1/19/2023)
  • 3rd Party Modification : Fixed : Stock Summary (Business Description) no longer fetching from Internet. (Fixed 1/24/2023)
  • Addition : Stock Business Summary is now saved locally for redundancy and reliability. (1/24/2023)
  • Bug Fix : Modification of Calculation of DPY (DivPerYear).  -  Removed Complicated/Flawed function attempting to automatically find undeclared special dividends.  (1/24/2023)
  • Bug Fix : Fixed bug within manual editing of pay-rate within dividend history grid. (1/25/2023)
  • Modification : System will no longer edit existing dividend item that is older than 30 days old. This prevents source from changing valid entries.  Only missing/new entries, or within 30 day entries can now be modified via Internet source.  You can always delete the item and re-fetch from the Internet if you want a specific entry to be updated from the Internet.

10.1.1305 : Released January 9th 2023

  • 3rd party change caused html tags to show up in NEWS.  Fixed (12/15/2022)
  • Clients Applicable Licenses updated for 2023 (12/21/2022)
  • Fixed Bug : Notes in buy sell form could potentially cover up and hide transaction fields if resolution lower than normal or window size not full screened.  Modified program so that notes will no longer interfere. (1/6/2023)
  • 3rd party change.  Secondary Dividend information could pull down erroneous data.  (Especially CEF/ETF) (1/9/2023)
  • Fixed Bug : Issue with fractional shares could create a share count inconsistency. (1/9/2023)
  • Fixed Bug : Buy/Sell update to NOTES field would not save if you immediately exited buy/sell form after edit. (Fixed 1/9/2023)
  • Fixed Bug : Screen position and size not saved when switching portfolios.  Might cause a change in screen size position changing portfolios. (Fixed 1/9/2023)

10.1.1301 : Released December 13th 2022

  • 3rd party changes require new update to re-catch current basic stock information (Quotes/Change/etc....)

10.1.1298 : Released November 28th 2022

  • 3rd party change to secondary quotes which effected indices quotes, and primary quotes if you disabled primary source.
  • 3rd party changes broke secondary dividend source.  TDM automatically bypassed secondary dividend source, but prevented certain stocks that specifically needed that source to stop working.  Modifications made to TDM to re-implement secondary source.
  • Splits/Merger can now be fractional. Implemented because of GSK 1.25 to 1 merger.
  • Modification : If stock is marked as Certificate of Deposit, market percent/value change is ignored and defaults to 0.
  • Bug Fix : Global Distributions Report.  Wouldn't show active Portfolio when current 'Show Current PF only' was checked when it wasn't account linked.
  • Modification : Increased Portfolio Column x2.  (Column that shows how many portfolios stock alternately resides within)
  • Feature : Stock notes now visible/editable within buy/sell form.

10.1.1289 : Released April 1st 2022

  • Bug Fix : TDM should now continue to work if TDM server is temporarily offline.
  • 3rd Party Modification : Needed to make changes to recollect secondary retrieval of stock key statistics.
  • Feature : New file menu item. 'Locate Stock'. Input a stock, and it will give you the status of the stock for each portfolio.
  • New Option : Limit non distribution alerts to specified portfolio.
  • Modification : Yield alerts no longer processed for stocks you currently own.
  • Disabled Edgar news retrieval. as it was failing due to 3rd party modifications. (This was really in its infant stages, and is not a part of the normal stock news feeds which are unaffected.)
  • Modification : Modification on how dormant stock are treated - when exist in another portfolio not dormant.  -- Ie, it will no longer attempt to download stock if the stock IS dormant in the current active portfolio.
  • Modification : TDM no longer forcibly blocks preferred stocks from primary dividend source.
  • Feature : Clicking the new 'R' button toggles reconcile mode.  Reconcile mode allows you to click a grid cell and it will toggle the cell with a strike-through.  This makes it easier when your reconciling.
  • Modification : Printed Statement itemized text now printed black.  (no color)


10.1.1276 : Released October 25th 2021

  • Bug Fix : Broke TDM News : Fixed! - Noticed when i attempted to add some news.
  • Bug Fix : Foundation error with setlong function on inputted negative numbers.  Had potential to create random issues. : Fixed!

10.1.1272: Released September 27th 2021

  • Modification : Updated protocol to utilize SNTP over TimeServer. (Newer technology to access internet time)
  • Bug : Transaction ID for shares record needs to be rebuilt.
  • Remove share records that do not exist in register data.
  • Feature : New Options : Prefer Secondary Quotes Source. (yes or no)
  • Modification : Made change to Expenditure column in Portfolio View.  (Now includes commissions)
  • Modification : Added coma value separator for commodities/crypto and Indices values.  (Example : 33323.00 = 33,323.00)
  • Modification : Drop cents from commodities/crypto and Indices values if greater or equal to 1,000
  • Bug Fix : Correction to dividend history ignore flag.  Wasn't getting fully ignored.
  • Modification : Added secondary expense display via Options.  Includes commission.
  • Feature : Added new option menu item to remove highlight flag for all stocks in portfolio.
  • Bug Fix : Division by 0 error when enabling the status line feature without setting retirement goals first.
  • Bug Fix : Left Stock List Frame would not show stocks that might have negative shares.
  • Bug Fix : Sometimes buy/sell form would not display when attempting to go into buy/sell form.
  • Windows10 Bug : Crash on Initiating Backup : Microsoft broke something for browsefolder API call. Found alternative method.
  • Feature : Added performance improvements to buy/sell form, balance form, and report form.
  • Bug Fix : Fixed shares sort function which corrects mis-sorted imported buy/sell transactions.
  • Addition : Import : Ability to remove items not checked for import.
  • Addition : Import : Ability to right click row and delete option you do not wish to import.
  • Addition : Import : TD Ameritrade - ADR Fee is now specifically supported to list as action item and import as Stock Fee.
  • Addition : Detail Form : Now show APY (based on your current share cost) in the Dividend Rate History

10.1.1246 : Released April 14th 2021

  • Feature : TDM now scans EDGAR for 8-K,10-Q,10-K form filings.
  • Feature : New Option : Notify you to Incoming News Alerts.
  • Feature : EDGAR scanning built into Jobs process. (if enabled)
  • Feature : New Menu Item under Options.  - Ability to erase watch-list on active portfolio.
  • Feature : New Menu Item under Options.  - Delete No Share/No Watch-List stocks on active portfolio.
  • Bug Fix : Balance form : Portfolio Market Value incorrect for NON active portfolio.
  • Feature : Buy/Sell form : Notes no longer limited to 16 characters. 
  • Feature : Chart form.  Buy/Sell marker tool tip now includes buy/sell note.
  • Modification : Demo mode modifications.  Ability to enable/disable. (Currently disabled)
  • Demo trial period now restricted to one week. (Modified via TDM Server)
  • Modification : Increased internet time out delay for fetching stock quotes and added additional fail-safes.
  • Feature : Detail Form : Ability to mark a download distribution entry as 'Ignore'.  Sometimes, the sources get it wrong, and having the ability to ignore an erroneous entry provides a means to ignore it from processing within TDM.
  • Feature : Stock News : You can now right click on a news item and have the option to delete it.
  • Bug Fix : Fractional Shares issue : Portfolio View : Total Dividends per year shown at the bottom of the Div Payment Column could be erroneous if there were stocks that had fractional shares and paid dividends. - Thanks Hank.
  • Bug Fix : Rounding issue with fractional shares created pennies discrepancies on portfolio view.
  • Bug Fix : Creating zero distribution for a stock did not fully initialize dividend information for the stock.
  • Feature : Global Distributions Report : Added checkbox to only show 'Current Portfolio', ie, No portfolio linking.

10.0.1232 : Released February 28th 2021

  • Feature: New Report : Retirement Goals
  • Bug Fix : Error in importing qualified/non qualified which incorrectly made register transactions.
  • Bug Fix : Overflow error from displaying portfolio.
  • Enhancement : Updating stock note updates portolio/watch-list view on the fly.
  • Modification : Missing Dividend Check relaxed a bit.

10.0.1230 : Released February 19th 2021

  • TDM Manual Updated to reflect new reports and Portfolio Linking and changes reflected in release v10
  • Lost Feature Reclaimed : Returning back to report maintains report view. - In another words, you view a report, you then click portfolio and then back to report, your previous report is still viewable.
  • New Report : Global Recent Trades Allows you to quickly view trades conducted within any of your linked portfolios within the specified # of days.
  • New Report : Global Distributions Allows you to view distributions totals on your linked portfolios.
  • New Feature : Ability to customize portfolio linking for Global Recent Trades Report and Global Distribution Reports.
  • New Feature : New Global reports display portfolios that are linked for the report.
  • Bug Fix : Percentage error percent stock change when extremely small percentage change(Portfolio / Watch-List)
  • Bug Fix : Balance form (example: interest, fees) Error would only occur on small percentages.
  • Bug Fix : Rare occurrence resulting in possibility of guessing the wrong pay-date before one has been declared.  Off by a month or more...
  • Bug Fix : Balance form : Balance Chart - Error would only occur if utilizing portfolio linking. Under certain situations, the last balance chart date of TODAY could be off.
  • Bug fix.  Exiting buy/sell where a date was modified on a buy or sell might result in Splash Screen coming up, but not going away when job is finished.  Client would have to manually click the 'X' on the form to close the splash screen.
  • Feature : Stock buy/sell form now incorporated into Main Portfolio screen.
    • Allows you to see your portfolio at the same time as your buy/sells.
    • You may now maneuver around TDM with out loosing what you were working on within buy/sell.
    • Ability to toggle the size of the buy/sell window.
  • Feature : Added previous cost lines to chart so you can see the result of your dollar cost averaging.
  • Feature : Added option to choose how many previous cost lines to display. (0 = Disabled, 1-5 showing specified number of previous cost lines)
  • Feature : Added ability to adjust previous cost lines on the fly. - Always resorts to value set in Options on initial display of chart.
  • Feature : Added cost to buy/sell graph icon tool-tip.
  • Bug Fix : Records in memory could be overwritten causing visual errors within Chart View.  Chart form now has it's own memory reserve to prevent this from occurring.
  • Bug Fix : Charts Form : Buys/Sells would not display on chart if viewing large periods, > 1 year.
  • Bug Fix : Overflow error caught on rare occurrence when 3rd party returns junk on quote query.
  • Feature : Secondary TDM Side process collected quotes if enabled.  Now collects quotes and stock news if enabled.
  • Performance Enhancement(s) on loading/viewing of STOCK NEWS.
  • 3rd party modification.  Stock add/edit 'Find Stock' toolbar. Fix to re-allow ticker searching from company name.
  • Bug Fix : Situation where dividend guesstimate of next scheduled dividend might show differently between monthly distributions view and the portfolio view,  if dividend pays monthly ie, 12x per year.  Monthly distributions would always show last day of month, and portfolio would show +30 days.  Both are in sync to show +30 days.
  • Bug Fix : Watch-List - Even though a dividend update to stock WDC notating that it had suspended dividends, it was still showing the last dividend rate.  This could have occurred with other stocks, but it was discovered through WDC.
  • Feature : Added average current market APY to Footer.
  • Feature : Added Portfolio Status Line. Displays a larger display of current portfolio and certain balances.  Please read page 40 of latest manual.  Setup via Options. Search on 'Status Line'
  • Bug Fix : Options Form.  Changing DropDown list values could be problematic.
  • Feature : Added DEFAULT PORTFOLIO. Specifying the default portfolio will always load that portfolio at TDM startup.
  • Feature : Added Qualified/Ordinary flag for stock regarding dividend. (tax purpose)
  • Feature : Portfolio/Watchlist : New column Q (Qualified Dividend)  Y)es or N)o
  • Feature : Added new checkbox to stock edit form.  Qualified Dividend
  • Feature : Some brokerage firms show whether a stock dividend payment was Qualified/Ordinary within the transaction notes.  Added ability to 'IMPORT' CSV file setting the stocks dividend Qualify/Ordinary status.  Known to work with TD-Ameritrade.  Should work with any import file listing dividends that have a description within the note stating whether the dividend is qualified or not.  Example of CSV file : 02/01/2021,QUALIFIED DIVIDEND (JPM),99.00    


9.5.1203: Released December 15th 2020

  • Fixed : Dow/Nasdaq not updating.
  • Modifications to re-locate TDM servers.

9.5.1192: Released December 10th 2020

  • 3rd party change. Stock News RSS feed no longer properly maintained.  Had to find another source.
  • TDM now captures Exchange that stock is on. ie, NYSE,Nasdaq etc.  - Future plans to allow you to add to portfolio/watchlist
  • Modification : Better randomization of News display on status bar prioritizing on age of alert.
  • Modification : News is auto saved and loaded and displayed so that a internet query isn't always necessary.
  • New Option : News Ticker Expire Days
  • New Option : News Form Load Days of Archived news.
  • Bug Fix : Balance Form : LifeTime Balance View inaccurate realized gain/loss.
  • Balance Form : Clicking Balance view now shows msgbox so it doesn't just appear TDM has seized up...
  • Modification : Chart View : Ability to delete all quotes and re-download. New 'X' icon at bottom right of chart view.
  • Bug Fix : Long Term Column - Attempting to sort on this field erased column.
  • Modification : TDM attempts to guess payouts per year if not collected via Internet.
  • Modification : URL tdm server links updated to utilize HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Modification : Notification in title bar if TDM server not accessible.

9.5.1177: Released October 11th 2020

  • 3rd Party Modification : Required to re-acquire historical stock quotes.
  • Bug Fix :Buy/sell transaction NOTE not saved when entered via new transaction.
  • Bug Fix: Buy/Sell transaction NOTE. Not saved during direct cell edit, if you keyed out with tab/enter.  This resolved issue could potentially have caused edit issues elsewhere as well.
  • Internal Modification : Processing dividends written directly to register bypassing insert file.
  • Modification : Help / Email support now ties directly to support email rather than web portal.


9.5.1172:  Released July 30th 2020

  • 3rd Party source change to re-capture Primary dividend source.
  • Added import ability for Wellbull
  • Feature : Added Alert to warn you to missing dividend history updates. (applicable only to stocks you have ownership)
  • Indices timeout changed from 10 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Bug Fix : On new stock save, it would force save primary dividend source.
  • Feature : Added additional dividend source for CEF/Funds. Now Tertiary source.
  • Modification : Old Tertiary source is now Quaternary source.
  • New Option : Default Dividend Source for New stocks.

9.5.1164: Released June 12th 2020

  • 3rd Party Source Change :  Need this update to reacquire primary dividend source.
  • Cryptocurrencies quote update display error.
  • Added BSV Cryptocurrency.
  • Feature : New option to speed up TDM load time. (Default is to be off) : With this new feature, stock quotes are processed by a separate process outside TDM.  You must allow the separate process (tdm-jobs.exe) access to the internet.  Unlock it with any firewall or virus software.
  • Bug Fix : Error in calculation of column (Daily $ Change) of Portfolio stocks.

9.5.1149: Released April 16th 2020

  • Visual : Add Register Transaction : Moved a few fields around for better visual organization.
  • Modification : Add Register Transaction Form. No longer initialize if no changes are made to custom categories.
  • Addition : Can now add recurring internal transfers.
  • Bug Fix : manual PPS adjustment was not working because of FIFO/LIFO modifications.
  • TLS 1.2 support added for older systems Windows7/Windows8.1 for continued future support.
  • Added TLS Validator menu item under help menu to check your TLS support status.
  • 3rd party source change.  Stock quotes was yielding bad quotes in certain situations.
  • 3rd party source change.  reacquire earnings date.

 9.5.1136: Released January 24th 2020

  • 3rd PARTY SOURCE CHANGE. Need this version to reliably re-access primary source dividend information.
  • Modification : At TDM startup, if there is an update, it will now show you the current version and what version you are running.
  • Modification : Ability to add a distribution record with ZERO pay rate, effectively disabling distributions for that stock.
  • Modification : Add custom distribution record  (from detail form) now utilizes date fields for easier date input.
  • Modification : Performance enhancement to Rebuild Balance Function.
  • Modification : Made changes to the Charles Schwab import feature to allow importing of POSITIONS.
  • 3rd party source change : Charles Schwab transaction import required modifications.
  • Visual : Calendar loading splash screen shows loading status by date.
  • Bug Fix : If option to link balance form set to Yes , Balance view would fail to show in certain situations.
  • Bug Fix : buy/sell form.  View transaction from register was not working.
  • Bug Fix : Handling Merger/Splits better to properly keep track of PPS.

 9.5.1126: Released December 23rd 2019

  • 3rd PARTY SOURCE CHANGE : Need this update to continue to receive quote updates.
  • Bug Fix : Primary dividend source failed with Canadian/Foreign currency stocks.
  • Bug Fix : Calendar missing certain items on occasion and/or showing duplicate entries.
  • Bug Fix : Subscript error on dividend update when array size was exceeded.
  • Bug Fix : Fixed a rare issue - TDM when not in full screen, width was not properly saved on tdm exit.
  • Bug Fix : Issue where TDM wasn't ending process.  Would require manual task process shutdown.
  • Modification : No longer show Splash screen on high task process.  Reserved for startup.  Now show progress bar.
  • Modification : If you disable splash screen update notification would time out. - Defaults to update.

9.5.1114: Released October 22nd 2019

  • 3rd PARTY SOURCE CHANGE : Need this update to keep receiving PRIMARY DIVIDEND SOURCE.
  • Feature : You can now filter register transactions to make it easier to find that pesky hard to find transaction.
  • Feature : New Column.  Dividend History.  Shows last 6 distribution rates with a graphic representing latest change.
  • Feature : New Option : Ability to default all newly created stocks as DRIP enabled with ability to modify drip status of all stocks.
  • Feature : New Stock Option : Certificate of Deposit. (For virtual stock)  Allows display of APY, Expiration date and Interest in certain portfolio columns.
  • Feature : Can now initiate a internal transfer to move money from one cash account to another.
  • Feature : Recurring register items now support sub-type
  • Feature : You can now modify description, sub-type, credit or debit directly from the recurring register list.
  • Feature : Ability to edit earnings/report date directly from Portfolio and/or watch-list.
  • Modification : Deposits and Withdrawal totals no longer include TRANSFER register transactions.
  • Visual : Icons added to Register buttons 'Add Transaction' 'Filter Transaction' and 'Balances'
  • Bug Fix : Modification to catch distribution misses.
  • Bug Fix : Column Spread/Diversity was not sorting correctly.
  • Bug Fix : Zero byte alert setup file created TDM crash.
  • Bug Fix : Custom stock company name overwritten when entering stock edit window.
  • Bug Fix : Canceling out of a restore database would disable many automated features. (initialization error)
  • Bug Fix : If you sorted by a column that could change the order of the stocks frequently. (example Chg %)  There was a possibility of fields of one stock overwriting another from certain specific fields (class/industry/sector)
  • Bug Fix : Hash error caused issue with clients computer.
  • Bug Fix : Build Balance error resulting in incorrect daily balance in certain scenarios.
  • 3rd party update : changes made to re-acquire certain crypto-currency quotes.
  • Modification : No longer include virtual stock in DPY averages.
  • Modification : Shares count on portfolio column now format to include comas separated thousands.
  • Modification : Added additional source for Earnings Date retrieval.
  • Modification : Added ability to add Nasdaq futures and SP futures to status bar. 

9.5.1074: Released May 1st 2019

  • Bug : No watch-list items will still reserving space for watch-list.  Bug created in last version.
  • Visual : Splash screen shows dividend date being processed.
  • Visual : Moved splash screen textual information so less text obscured by splash picture.
  • 3rd Party Change : Dividend Source 3 Updated and utilizes new curl method.
  • Introduced new curl method. (v1)
  • Bug Fix : New installations was processing unnecessary dividend dates causing long initial start up.

9.5.1069: Released April 15h 2019

  • Feature : New Portfolio column.  'Long Term (LT) - Shows percentage of stock that qualifies as Long Term. Tool Tip will show how many days remaining until fully 'Long Term'
  • Bug Fix : Stock news (some characters not decoded correctly.)
  • Bug Fix : On odd days when market is closed or when 3rd party sources have missing quote days, TDM will now catch that scenario and not keep attempting to download those quote history dates.
  • Bug Fix : Rare circumstance where there would be a blank ex-date / dividend date for a particular stock.
  • New Report : Monthly Market Value
  • Modification : TDM now checks for updates first before doing any work.  This way, if there is a serious issue that prevents TDM from loading correctly, you will have the option to update before encountering those problems.
  • Modification : Detail Form - Stock drop down list now only shows owned and watched stocks and groups them.  Owned first, then watched.
  • Bug Fix : Detail form.  No longer attempts to grab Year to Date quotes on virtual stocks.
  • Addition : Detail form - Stock drop down list now has graphical representation of stock status.
  • Addition : Calculator - Stock drop down list now has graphical representation of stock status.
  • Modification : Calculator - Defaults to stock chosen previously.
  • Bug Fix : Possible Run time error 9. Subscript out of range on fetching quotes.
  • Modification : Stock Calculator and Notes toolbar buttons moved to last position.
  • Modification : Added Setup Alert option to Tool menu.
  • Feature : You now have the option of adding stock to watch-list and highlighting on a triggered alert.
  • Modification : TDM auto fetches historical quotes at startup.
  • Modification : New type of Alert created for Errors client should be aware of.
  • Addition : New notice alert if unable to calculate Market Value correctly on balance building.
  • Modification : You can now move the splash screen freely.
  • Bug Fix : Fixed scenario where dividend distributions were skipped and not posted.
  • Bug Fix : Scenario where balance screen would not display due to high number of portfolio/watch-list stocks.

9.5.1045: Released December 6th 2018 

  • Bug Fix : System was attempting to grab stock market quotes for 12/5/2018.  Market was closed on this day.  TDM now fetches configuration file first which would have told TDM the market was closed so that TDM would not attempt to grab quotes for that closure day.

9.5.1044: Released December 3rd 2018

  • Modification : You can now choose (1-10) years back to fetch historical quote data. Options menu.
  • Modification : Updated Portfolio/Watch-list column layout for first time client.
  • Modification : Far left stock list updates in more situations to reflect status changes of the stock.
  • Bug Fix : Deleting a portfolio does not delete portfolio link of that deleted portfolio and can cause a TDM error.
  • Bug Fix : ROI was doubling expenditure.  This was a bug caught in beta, and never released.
  • Bug Fix : Linked portfolio indexing issue which could cause some portfolios not to list.
  • Bug Fix : Better handling of downloading/updating stock quote historical data.
  • Bug Fix : Was asking if you wanted to transfer your column data to other portfolios when you only had one portfolio.

9.5.1035: Released November 14th 2018

  • 3rd Party Change : Primary dividend source updated.  Need this update to properly retrieve primary dividend history.
  • Added : New Option : Utilize FIFO.  This is the default IRS/Brokerage.  If you choose NO then LIFO is used.
  • Added : Stock Buy/Sells form.  Added FIFO/LIFO column to calculate/show taxable gain/loss
  • Modification : Statement Report now calculates stock sell gain/loss off FIFO/LIFO rather than weighted average of buys.
  • Bug Fix : Detail Form - Dividend History Graph - Possible yellow bar take over.
  • Bug Fix : Detail Form - Invalid m-g/l in certain scenarios.

9.5.1029 :  Released November 2nd 2018

  • Added : Can now sort off 52 week grid.
  • Added : New stock menu option.  'Add Alert'
  • Modification : Infusion calculation.
  • Modification : More user friendly sub type register categories for custom accounts.
  • Bug Fix : Possible crash if tooltip initiated on an expected stock ticker column that was an invalid stock ticker.
  • Bug Fix : Invalid stock ticker .INFO files could be created in unique situations.
  • Bug Fix : Detail Form, Performance + Dividend field in yearly snapshot not accounting for dividends.
  • Bug Fix : Monthly Dividends not showing.
  • Bug Fix : Reverted to wrong portfolio (Main) when upgrading.

9.5.1014 : Released October 23rd 2018

  • Bug Fix : Prompting for password when no password had been set. (Fixed!)
  • Feature : Added more flexibility with portfolio linking that determines how each portfolio is processed and how content is displayed.
  • Feature : Ability to customize listing order of multiple portfolios.
  • Added : New File Menu toolbar added.  "Portfolio Linking"
  • Added: System will now allocate more balance bar chart items for Resolutions of 1080 or higher.
  • Feature : Ability to customize number of bars allowed in balance chart. Modified through Options.
  • Performance : Performance increase with Balance Form.

9.4.1010 : Released October 16th 2018

  • Modification : Version hash issue when windows is setup using a region outside United States.
  • Modification : Removed DivSync Log (Internal)

9.3.1008 : Released October 12th 2018

  • Feature : Added Fixed Rate Loan Tracker.  ( Menu item TOOLS/LOANS)
  • Modification : New tools menu item.  Moved [Calandar,Loans,Notes,Stock Calculator]
  • New toolbar Icon available : Loans
  • Added : Import transaction support for Charles Schwab.
  • TDM can now rebuild buy/sells from deleted/lost/corrupted .shares file from register.
  • Added : Market allocation.  New column added for portfolio.
  • Added : Balance Balance Bar Chart : Ability to now choose 3,4 and 5 year.
  • Modification : Better handling of unicode text within alerts and news and stock summary and stock name.
  • Modification : When viewing stock quote chart, and viewing greater or equal to 3 years, it will display quotes weekly rather than daily.  Results are Cleaner and Faster.
  • Bug Fix : Problem fetching historical quotes beyond six months.
  • Bug Fix : Balance form would not show if you had a large number of stocks in portfolio.

9.3.992 : Released July 5th 2018

  • Feature : Added 3 customize SMA (Simple moving average) columns to portfolio and/or watch-list
  • Added : Import transaction support for Ameritrade.
  • Bug Fix : Possible crash when retrieving Crypto-Currrency quote.
  • Bug Fix : Secondary Canadian exchange rate was invalid.
  • Bug Fix : Problem with query on dividend source.  Resulted in lock out after so many queries.
  • Modification : TDM now prioritizes dividend queries.  TDM will query the stocks it hasn't heard from in the longest time FIRST.

9.3.981: Released May 16th 2018

  • Bug Fix : Hovering mouse over stock with LARGE file of stock notes would cause error.
  • Dividend Tertiary source modification.
  • Bug Fix : Pro License issue getting expired notification when not applicable.

9.3.976: Released April 26th 2018

  • Bug Fix : Error trying to add Canadian (.TO) Stocks .  This bug was created within the last month.
  • Bug Fix : Might show some future exdate/paydate rather than correct next exdate/paydate if you chose a manual DPY.
  • Bug Fix : Clean up of dividend update color queuing.
  • Modification : Changed graph chart to default to 21 days.  (Left click column header to modify)
  • Feature : System now aware of market holidays and early closings.
  • Visual  : Resolved Dividend Rate History Bar Chart : Could show a bottom row of yellow under certain circumstances.

9.3.971: Released April 18th 2018

  • 3rd party changes - Earnings date re-captured.
  • 3rd party changes - Stock News Feeds re-captured.
  • Bug Fix : Issue where obtaining historical quotes on an invalid/unavailable stock would cause TDM error.
  • Bug Fix : Register.  Possible error if no stocks currently owned when loading register.
  • 3rd party changes - recapture preferred stocks.

9.3.961: Released April 15th 2018

  • Source change required update.  Need this update to properly acquire primary dividend information.

9.3.953:  Released April 12th 2018

  • 3rd party dividend source change needs this update to not slow down TDM.
  • Market status modification to correctly obtain market status.
  • Source change required update.

9.3.953 : Released March 29th 2018

  • Emergency Release: You will NOT fetch Historical Quote data without this updated version.
  • Emergency Release : 3rd party source change was hanging TDM.  Version 9.1.949 resolved the hanging issue, but not issue of the source change.  this release resolves the source change and has TDM operating at 100% again.

9.1.949 : Released March 28th 2018

  • Emergency Release : 3rd Party Source change caused TDM to hang.  Fixed stall, but will require another update to obtain data change.
  • Bug Fix : Calendar view.  Months tally will show incorrectly if if you jump forward/backward in months.
  • Bug Fix : Dividend Star Rating - Can show over a 100 years when invalid date.
  • Bug Fix : Dormant stocks still attempting automatic market fetch when clicking 'Update Market Button'

9.1.945 : Released March 7th 2018

  • Bug Fix : Stock company name was erroneous on certain stocks.

9.1.944 : Released March 6th 2018

  • Bug Fix : Primary Dividend Source Collection Error.

9.1.943 : Released March 2nd 2018

  • Emergency Release : 3rd party source change required us to make a change. This was causing an extreme delay in starting TDM.
  • Feature : Added new stock search feature in stock add form.  Allows you to search for correct ticker based on partial company name.  Also great resource for figuring out the correct ticker to use for Preferred shares.

9.1.939 : Released February 28th 2018

  • Bug Fix : Calendar - Showed increased or decreased rate change on special dividends.  Now shows as special rate.
  • Modification : Marking Dividend source as Tertiary denotes the stock as possibly preferred stock which checks additional sources.
  • Modification : Making educated guesses on Preferred stock tickers that don't exist in Preferred Mappings.
  • Portfolio/Watchlist now updated immediately when changes made in stock edit form.

9.1.936 : Released February 26th 2018

  • MAJOR : Due to 3rd party source changes,  necessary updates were needed for continued preferred stock support.
  • Modification: Stock Add/Edit Business Summary repaired due to 3rd party source changes.
  • Added : Additional Preferred Stock Values to Stock Edit Screen (Coupon Value/Mature/Status)
  • Bug Fix : Possible crash when retrieving news feed if unhandled data came through.
  • Modification : If choose to auto show balance form, it will stay with you when viewing portfolio and/or watchlist.
  • Modification : If you choose to link balance form to portfolio/watchlist, the close button is disabled for the balance form.
  • Modification : If you attempt to close the balance form within linking enabled, you will then have the option to disable it.

9.1.928 : Released February 13th 2018

  • Feature : New Calendar view allows for months view of - Earnings Date, Ex-Date, Buys , Sells, Distribution, rate changes and Portfolio yield.
  • Feature : Import Transactions.  You can now import a CSV export file from your brokerage account into TDM.
  • Feature : Added new report - 'Yearly Performance' - Applicable for tracking year to year performance.
  • Bug Fix : Alerts not sorting properly between 2017/2018 events.
  • Visual Error : [Quotes] picture at bottom of portfolio was visually cut off.
  • Modification : Added popup stock menu and Stock tool tip to 'Monthly Distribution View'
  • Modification : Buy/Sell form - Stock Split/Merger. Can now modify the shares begin with.  This allows you to back enter splits/mergers instead of assuming your inputting the merger/split with the current shares.
  • Bug Fix : Balance window not auto started when selected to do so in options.
  • Source Fix : Cypto Currency fix.
  • Modification : 'Rebuild Balance' Ability to now rebuild entire balance.
  • Modification : TDM will auto correct preferred stock tickers when adding new ticker (when recognizes certain formats)
  • Modification : Changed cursor to hand when hovering over stock tickers.
  • Added : Added Configure Portfolio Columns item to options menu.
  • Added:  Added Configure Watchlist Columns item to options menu.
  • Feature : Added user friendly guide for creating initial stocks and learning how to use Stock Menu.

8.3.908 : Released January 3rd 2018

  • Bug Fix : 'No Record' error when attempting to apply drip from Drip List.
  • Source Change : Primary source on Crypto currencies updated.
  • Bug Fix : 52 Week Graph calculation error on percent range.

8.3.903 :  Released December 14th 2017

  • Feature : When modifying watchlist and portfolio header fields, you now have the option to replicate that structure to other portfolios.
  • Feature : Ability to now re-process a deleted or missing distribution by right clicking the dividend history entry and choosing 'Verify/Process Distribution'
  • Addition : Grabbed secondary source of Summary description of stock.
  • Addition : Being the alert date/time stamp can be different than the actual distribution date, Distribution alerts now includes distribution date in alert description.
  • Bug Fix : Monthly dividend: Visual error : Stock paying 2 dividends in the same month: Incorrectly combining the entries rather than showing as two separate.
  • Bug Fix : TDM might take focus away from another program inadvertently when running mouse over a TDM grid.
  • Modification : Speed enhancement when updating category balances from Category Balance Screen.
  • Modification : Ability to disable holiday cheer. (bah-hum-bug)
  • Conflict Resolved : With a particular Cloud based backup site - the backup software caused TDM to file error on startup.  TDM was modified so that it would work smoothly with this particular cloud based backup site.
  • Modification : No longer use temporary files on 32bit icons. - Better efficiency.
  • Bug Fix : Column editor, removing all columns would result in TDM error.

8.3.900 : Released November 30th 2017

  • Feature : New Graphical Column available for Portfolio and Watchlist.  (52 week Graph)
  • Feature : Create stock Alerts : Added additional field.  (All stocks,All owned stocks, All un-owned stocks)
  • Feature : Added Gift Tax Exemption and IRA contribution limits to commodity list.  Ability to add on status bar.
  • Feature : 3rd dividend history source added.
  • Feature : Added support for all major Crypto Currencies.
  • Modification : Commodities menu now has sub menus, Crypto Currency and FYI.
  • Modification : Crypto Currencies are now grabbed asynchronously. (smoother)
  • Modification : TDM can now add (on the fly) fixed values (FYI) for Virtual Stocks.
  • Modification : New updated toolbar icons.
  • Modification : Yes/No options in Options form now toggle between yes/no with mouse click.
  • Modification : Was in the spirit - Added a little holiday icon pizazz. (Thanksgiving, Christmas,Valentines,Independence,Veterans,Halloween)
  • Bug Fix : Preferred stock parse correction for a non primary source.
  • Bug Fix : TDM wasn't grabbing indices/commodities asynchronously which could cause TDM pauses.

8.2.890 : Released November 18th 2017

  • Feature : New File menu item : 'Stock Symbol Name Change' .  Allows easy transition if a symbol name change occurs.
  • Feature : Holding down the right mouse button highlights the entire row on any GRID within TDM.
  • Feature : New Portfolio column. "Change in Monetary Value"
  • Feature : You can now LEFT click any PORTFOLIO in the portfolio view (balance window) and balance window will reflect that portfolio.
  • Addition : New button on Add Stock toolbar.  'PREFERRED STOCKS'.  Gives FYI regarding supporting preferred stocks.
  • Modification : Better handling of column space on tally columns.
  • Modification : Better handling of Unicode characters within Stock News.
  • Modification : Now rebuild history file only if not chronological.  (speed enhancement)
  • Modification : Source corrections for basic stock info.
  • Modification : Right click Balance Window balance chart gives you option to select portfolio and time frame.
  • Modification : Indices no longer auto update when markets are closed unless it's been over 24 hours since last fetch. (better efficiency)
  • Modification : DOW/NASDAQ/SP500 quotes are now saved to always display last fetch.  (better efficiency)
  • Bug Fix : Serial # was getting lost if expired client ran UN-qualified TDM version.
  • Bug Fix : Changing dividend history record could result in message-box displaying wrong dividend information.
  • Bug Fix : did not fetch secondary dividend history if only one entry.
  • Bug Fix : Balance Window : MTD view - MTD gains was based of Y2D rather than MTD.
  • Bug Fix : Monthly distribution window might vanish to background.
  • Bug Fix : TDM could crash if Internet was blocked or no internet available.
  • Bug Fix : Window foreground display issues.
  • Manual Update - Reflection of changes to balance form.
  • Web Site Fix : 11-16-2017 : Contact page got corrupted.  Thankfully a backup restored it to working order.


8.1.853 : Released November 2nd 2017

  • Bug Fix : Stock Charts not properly downloading on newly created stocks.
  • Bug Fix : Missing stock File caused possible crash.  One safeguard wasn't working properly.  That was fixed.  Second safeguard put into place.
  • Update : Package and Deployment updated to handle latest operating systems.

8.1.850 : Released October 26th 2017

  • Addition : Stock ticker tooltip now includes basic info on stock if exists in other linked portfolios.
  • Addition : Monthly Distributions View : On 'All Linked Portfolios', now have option of grouping stocks.
  • Addition : Safeguard in place to prevent duplicate dividend entries.
  • Addition : Ex-Dividend list now shows all stocks across all linked portfolios.
  • Addition : Can right click Ex-Dividend list to select 'View Declared Only'
  • Modification : Ex-Dividend List : Specify days moved to list right click.
  • Bug Fix : Fixed bug that could create invalid files
  • Bug Fix : Monthly Distribution window crashes if you have linked portfolios with no stocks.
  • Bug Fix : Stock news not being saved for quicker retrieval
  • Bug Fix : Not automatically building linked portfolio balances.
  • Bug Fix : Category Balance window. SubType Calculation on withdrawal/deposit incorrect.
  • Bug Fix : Rare error : Dividend History Error (index out of bounds)
  • Added : Calculator - Force distribution rate. (Ex. Rate speculation)
  • Modification : Calculator - stock drop down list now excludes virtual stocks.
  • Modification : Balance Window : Clicking balance chart cycles through linked portfolios
  • Modification : Better visual and mechanical handling of commodity stocks.
  • Visual : Improved progress and notification display on load up.
  • Visual : Balance window height will auto increase to handle larger # of linked portfolios.
  • Visual : Percentage Gain footer field. Removed space between value and '%' symbol to fit properly within allocated space.
  • Bug Fix : Date sort error.
  • Bug Fix : You can now successfully close the splash screen by clicking the 'X' button.
  • Bug Fix : Tool tips for commodities status bar displaying incorrect stock.
  • BUg Fix : New installs no longer build balance, as there is no data to build.

8.0.831 : Released August 28th 2017

  • SOURCE CHANGE : Stock news fetched from alternate source.
  • Feature : New status bar for Commodities.
  • Feature : Monthly Distribution View now can tally all linked portfolios distributions.
  • Feature : Monthly Distribution View can now directly select any linked portfolios.
  • Feature : Can now sort any Monthly Distribution grid view column.
  • Feature : Ability to import CSV historical quotes for preferred and virtual stocks.
  • Feature : Internalized certain commodity stocks (Gold/Silver/Platinum/Oil/Bitcoin)
  • Feature: Added new toolbar to Stock Add form allowing for adding reserved tickers.
  • Feature : Can now modify (Price per Share - PPS)
  • Feature : Buy/Sell form. Ability to right click transaction and choose - View register item.
  • Feature : Detail Form.  Dividend History - Ability to right click itemized payment and view register item.
  • Feature : Any stock ticker that begins with a '#' or '$' is a virtual stock.
  • Feature : Virtual Stocks. Enables you to keep track of other misc assets.
  • Feature : Virtual Stocks. Ability to set quote by clicking quote column on portfolio view.
  • Feature : Virtual Stocks. Ability to set quote or change existing stock prices within chart view.
  • Feature : Detailed View now shows stocks yearly unrealized market gain/loss.
  • Feature : TimeFrame Balance chart now shows YTD deposits.
  • Modification : Stock Dividends/Splits/Mergers no longer make register entry. ( as they have no effect on cash balances)
  • Modification : Buy/Sell transaction performance enhanced.
  • Modification : Column Editor. Checking/Unchecking columns to print would trigger an unnecessary portfolio/watch-list reload.
  • Modification : Expired TDM no longer prompts for automatic backup.
  • Modification : Monthly distribution window can be resized.
  • Modification : Better handling of Synchronous Internet fetches.
  • Modification : Removed stock imports based on stock yield
  • Visual : System wide visual enhancements.
  • Visual : Monthly Distribution window - Sizing better handled.
  • Visual : Visual changes/enhancements to Buy/Sell form.
  • Visual : Slight column alignment issue with portfolio footer.
  • Visual : Tooltip will now close if mouse click.
  • Visual : Report form. Category drop down wasn't going away when expected too.
  • Visual : Report form. Category drop down has updated graphical checkbox.
  • Visual : Portfolio/Watchlist column editor.  Updated graphical checkboxes.
  • Visual : Balance form linked portfolio list.  Updated graphical checkboxes. White background.
  • Visual : Balance form linked portfolio list now shows header 'Linked Portfolios'
  • Visual : Tooltip background color adjusted in a couple areas to match all others.
  • Visual : Portfolios are now sorted. (Linked portfolios/Open Portfolio, etc)
  • Visual : News window visually cleaned up.
  • Bug Fix : TDM error if stock had more than 240 listed dividends within history.
  • Bug Fix: Implementing Stock merger now properly adjusts Price per Share.
  • Bug Fix: Dividend star rating was still showing on stocks that no longer paid dividend.
  • Bug Fix : Stock graph graphical representation more accurate in portfolio/watchlist
  • Bug Fix : Default chart time frame within options not showing combo box to select option.
  • Bug Fix : TDM error if display balance form with buy/sells with no register entries. RARE.
  • Bug Fix : Dividends not showing on charts.
  • Bug Fix : Scroll jumping (top row changing) when updating stocks.
  • Bug Fix : Error in certain situation displaying the wrong daily percentage change on grid chart.
  • Bug Fix : Error in stock quote parse that could cause TDM error.
  • Bug Fix : Would not fetch all available stock news press releases.

7.2.794 : Released June 30th 2017

  • Bug Fix : Subscript 9 error when loading database dealing with 0 byte alert file.
  • Bug Fix : TDM bogging down CPU after running for multiple hours.
  • Bug Fix : Display issue when stock list defaulted not to show.

7.2.790 - Released June 24th 2017

  • Feature : Backup and Restore now Backs-up/Restores windows Registry TDM settings.
  • Feature : Ability to modify font/row size on many TDM grid views.
  • P&D : TDM now installs Liberation Sans and Comic Sans fonts.
  • Added : Register Balances : Now shows Sub Type Balances for MISC,FEE,DEPOSIT,WITHDRAWAL, and Custom Accounts.
  • Modification : Alerts are now global rather than portfolio specific.
  • Modification : Set status to 'Set Applied' initiates a drip list refresh.
  • Modification : Distribution alert now shows the portfolio name of the distribution.
  • Modification : Distributions and recurring register items are processed for all linked portfolios at TDM startup.
  • Modification : You can now edit Alert Note by clicking on the note within grid list.
  • Modification : Distribution view will now take up to 100% of screen.
  • Modification : DivTotal for a stock calculated via Register rather than Dividend History.
  • Bug Fix : Calendar alerts were triggering prematurely.
  • Bug Fix : TDM crash when attempting to delete calendar alert.
  • Bug Fix : Drip List - Record position error causing glitches in updates.  (Only occurred under specific situations)
  • Bug Fix : Stock Mappings Internal fix. (For future enhancements)
  • Bug Fix : 0 Byte file error. (Rare error)
  • Bug Fix : Distribution alert would not trigger multiple distributions.
  • Bug Fix : Row resizing not working when portfolio/watch-list on separate pages.
  • Bug Fix : Unable to edit Grid Font.  Button not responsive.
  • Bug Fix : Clicking BALANCE button crashed TDM on EMPTY database.
  • Bug Fix : Clicking Distribution monthly view crashed TDM on EMPTY database.
  • Bug Fix : Deleting register item creating an empty register would crash TDM.
  • Bug Fix : About form - TDM error if form not closed before changing portfolios.
  • Bug Fix : Drip List was incorrectly allowing column editing.
  • Annoyance : Flickr issue on portfolio / watch-list resolved.
  • Annoyance :Initial portfolio view at program startup cleaned up for smoother display.
  • Annoyance : Grid Tool-tips could bog down CPU.  Better tool-tip implementation.
  • Thank You PandA , for pointing out some annoyances and quirks.

7.1.759 : Released May 24th 2017

  • Bug Fix : Could not apply drip if you previously owned no shares.  Situation where client sold all shares after ex-date, so owned no shares, but then had a repurchase.
  • Visual Fix : Drip list after post could shrink the grid on the window.
  • Change : Drip list moved from Action menu item to List menu item.
  • Bug Fix : Possible crash on quote query.
  • Bug Fix : Sometimes portfolio would show 0 shares/expense etc for some stocks when updating grid.

7.1.757 : Released May 19th 2017

  • Feature : Improved Canadian Support
    • System wide APY and Payment shown in USD currency.
    • Currency exchange calculated at time of distribution for more accuracy.
    • Dividend payout notes show exchange rate used.
    • Register currency exchanges expressed with Canadian/USD Icon.
  • Feature : New Portfolio/Watchlist Column : Market Cap
  • Feature : New Portfolio/Watchlist Column : Beta
  • Feature : Detailed Dividend History now tied to Register.
  • Added : Multi-source Indices.
  • Added : Column editor now display column description.
  • Added : Can now have weekly recurring transactions.
  • Bug Fix : Possible double entry when purchasing stocks.
  • Bug Fix : Drip List - TDM crash if more than existing rows of Items.


7.0.745 : Released May 7th, 2017

  • Bug Fix : If a stock pays distributions semi annually, TDM might show that it pays monthly.
  • Bug Fix : Certain stocks did NOT work fetching quotes.

7.0.742 : Version 7 Major Release - Released May 5th, 2017

  • Manual: PDF manual updated to reflect all new changes.
  • Visual : Universalized buttons and Visual enhancements.
  • Feature : Balance screen portfolio balance chart can now show single (active) portfolio or the combined balances of ALL linked portfolios.
  • Feature : More automated DRIP system.
  • Feature : System wide multi source quote fetch enabled.
  • Feature : 10 custom categories - Better ability to organize. - You can Add/Edit your custom categories through the register's 'Add Transaction' window.
  • Feature : Added TDM custom notes. Option available through toolbar or action menu.
  • Feature : New alert trigger available. Distribution Paid
  • Feature : New alert trigger available. Calendar Date Trigger.
  • Added : New Option : Automatically delete alerts after ## days.
  • Added : Search ability within Options to more quickly find your desired option.
  • Added : You may now customize font for notes.
  • Added : If enabled in options, TDM will now calculate SEC and TAF fees on stock sales.
  • Added : Drip toolbar option.
  • Added : Menu Item under action - Drip List
  • Added : New Drip checkbox option in stock edit form.
  • Added :Row resizing for Watchlist
  • Added : New setup option for max row sizing of Portfolio/Watchlist.
  • Added : New Column added to recurring list window - Account/Category
  • Added : Report will reflect balances of (up to) 10 custom category registry items.
  • Added : Registry : Balances button to see various category total running tallies and to make quick modifications if necessary through adjust balance [*] button.
  • Added : Under Help menu, 'Latest Changes to Software' link. Auto loads this revisions page.
  • Added : Registry : Custom cash accounts can have sub type 'INT' for Interest.  This allows you to keep individual balances of multiple cash accounts and include interest within that cash account.
  • Modification : Changes to alert system to create more flexibility.
  • Modification : Changed report column widths to better manage space.
  • Modification : Password check only at startup, no longer at database change.
  • Modification : Stock Notes window may now be re-sized and remembered.
  • Modification : Setup Alerts list columns re-organized for better spacing.
  • Bug Fix : Multiple portfolios - Fixed file confusion error that was erroneously loading portfolio specific stock information from the wrong portfolio. (Examples - Stock highlighted, watch-list, dormant)
  • Bug Fix : Made modification to Restore Database function.  It had you look for a file that would not exist if you never changed any options from the options menu. Changed to a file that always exists.
  • Bug Fix : Portfolio Dividends Per Year column would blank out sometimes.
  • Bug Fix : IMPORT toolbar icon would show even when specified not to show.
  • Bug Fix : IMPORT caused crash under certain circumstances.
  • 3rd Party Update : Resolved - Earnings date was not updating.
  • 3rd Party Update : Resolved - Canadian/USD Exchange rate not getting latest rate.

6.10.714 : Released January 13th 2017

  • Bug Fix : Highlight stock not highlighting.
  • Bug Fix : Options menu default chart days fixed.
  • Added (Loss/Gain) of Portfolio Value in Report. (with/without Deposits)
  • Speed enhancements fetching historical quotes. (faster boot process)
  • Fixed : Pie charts not displaying with $0.00 or low value.

 6.10.709 : Released December 15th 2016

  • Bug Fix : Dividend Rate Alerts - Error in reporting Alert Rate Change
  • Bug Fix : Recurring Register Items : Previous auto entry deleted when new one posted.

6.10.707 : Released November 22nd 2016

  • Modifications required to re-acquire stock quotes
  • Modification : At request of client, reminder now given on upcoming license expiration.
  • Modification : Prevent clients from backing up to same location as default TDM location.

6.10.702 : Released October 24th 2016

  • Feature : Restore database option.
  • Feature : Backup reminder.  Defaults to 7 days. Customize within options
  • Feature : File menu shows last backup date.
  • Bug Fix : Decode apostrophe (') in company name.

6.10.699 : Released October 11th 2016

  • Feature : New Option : View USD to CAD conversion rate. (next to Dow/Nasdaq)
  • Balance Form : If you have greater than 7 linked accounts, items were getting cut off. You can now hover the mouse over the truncated items and it will display full content.
  • Bug Fix : Certain scenario would cause crash when updating stock historical quotes.
  • Bug Fix : USD to CAD conversion rate wasn't updating.
  • Bug Fix : Canadian Stocks, Duplicate Dividends.
  • Modification : Prevent certain tickers from pulling information other than quote. - Saves unnecessary Internet calls.
  • Modification : Changed default color highlights.
  • Modification : New option - Ability to choose portfolio minimum row height.

6.10.690 : Released September 27th 2016

  • New Feature : Ability to add recurring register transactions.
  • Fixed : Adding new stock. Incorrectly parsing company name.
  • Fixed : Balance form might disallow 'all' time frame.
  • Fixed : Divrate possibly getting set to 0 might cause Dividend Miss fire on Alerts
  • Enhancement : Portfolio row heights will resize to maximize height space
  • Enhancement : Balance form - Balance time frame - When you choose ALL, and assuming you have MULTIPLE years of data, then balances will display as of Dec 31st and June 30th
  • Balance Time Frame now handles Zero market value balance with only cash balance.

6.9.679 : Released August 29th 2016

  • Auto Load Portfolio news when click News toolbar.
  • Fixed Stock ticker cutting off on News window.
  • Feature : Added ability to add Stock alert custom note.
  • Modification : Deleting stock alert auto populates alert fields for quicker modification.
  • Modification : Changed from menu item to message box confirmation on alert deletions.


6.9.676 : Released July 27th 2016

  • Completion of Stock News feed updates.
  • Better randomization of news feeds on status bar.
  • News feeds are now saved internally for quicker delivery
  • Fixed - Issue where stocks not having any dividends showed up as having dividends. This was a new issue created from the new 6.9.665 release
  • Fixed some random software crashes due to 6.9.665 source updates

6.9.665 : Released July 14th 2016

    On 7/12/2016, Yahoo made some major changes which then prevented all previous versions of TDM from successfully obtaining stock quotes, stock information and historical quotes.  This NEW version is required to successfully obtain online updated stock information. 
  • New Feature : Canadian stocks that pay distributions have always been displayed in CAD. This would be way off from the actual distribution rate paid to US clients.  You can now mark a stock as Canadian needing CAD to US conversion for distributions.  TDM will automatically detect the CAD to US conversion rate and reflect the conversion in dividend rate and distributions.  (It may not be the exact same conversion rate as used by your brokerage account, but will yield a much more accurate value compared to previous versions of TDM)
  • Fixed : Balance form - Gains Pie Chart - Rounding error with balances < $1.00 Interest etc. Caused percentage to show higher than it was.


6.7.650 : Released April 28th 2016

  • Fixed : Crashes with Preferred Stocks
  • Fixed : Preferred stock dividend retrieval
  • Fixed : Close to zero percentage change error (individual entries)

6.7.649 : Released April 27th 2016

  • PRIMARY DIVIDEND SOURCE CHANGED. You need this version to continue to access primary dividend history.
  • Fixed : Portfolio percentage change tally fix. Could give invalid tally if percentage change was near zero.
  • Fixed : Buy/Sell stock.  Total stock tally could be off in fractional share situations.

6.7.648 : Released April 3rd 2016

  • Feature - Div Total tally.
  • Feature - Ability to sort Register columns.
  • New Option - Default Chart Days Lookup.
  • Resolved- TDM (long boot process) on stocks that did not support historical quotes.
  • Fixed - Possible overflow crash within Balance screen.
  • Change - Removed yes/no prompt to News Links
  • Fixed - Possible rounding error on portfolio months dividend tally (possibly 1 penny off)
  • Fixed - Rare oddity display only error (fractional shares) Buy/Sell form might show incorrect value
  • Fixed - Class/Industry initialization error on stock edit window.


6.6.637 : Released January 5th 2016

  • Fixed - Earnings Report Date might incorrectly read date.
  • Fixed - (Column) Total Dividends paid. - Was not sorting correctly.
  • Fixed - Monthly Distributions - Received tally inaccurate on unique situations.
  • Fixed - Dividend next pay-date error on portfolio/watchlist view.

 6.6.635 : Released November 28th 2015

  • Fixed - Balance Window : Unable to update linked accounts
  • Fixed - Balance Window : Auto show at start of TDM could result in Runtime Error.
  • When update available, will only alert you once every 2 weeks.
  • Fixed issue where portfolio footer monthly dividend tally could be off.
  • Fixed issue that could show incorrect dividend rate amount on portfolio/watchlist.
  • Fixed - Options menu, expire previously owned stocks expire from watch list.  Setting '0' now properly disables this feature and will immediately move sold stocks to watch list or dormant status.

6.5.623 : Released November 4th 2015

  • Feature : Same stocks in multiple portfolios no longer need updating separately.
  • New portfolio column. CPS Cost per share.
  • New portfolio column.  Total Dividends paid.
  • Fixed - Custom Sector & Industry would be overwritten within stock edit form.
  • Fixed - Dividend History not downloaded for new stocks if market was closed.
  • Fixed - Dividend display error on portfolio/watchlist in certain situations.
  • Modification - Report market value reflects current date instead of yesterdays close.
  • Modification - Missing daily balances are automatically created.

6.5 : Released May 11th 2015

  • New Feature - Ability to show stock notes on watch-list and portfolio.  If note within your notes is surrounded by [] this will display rather than the entire note.
  • New Option - If stock has no note, display company name.
  • New Feature - New column to portfolio and watchlist.  Portfolio (PF) which will list how many other linked portfolios have shares owned in this stock.  The tooltip will allow you to see the list of portfolios.  This enables you to not loose track/mind over stocks in other portfolios.
  • NewFeature/Option - If you manage multiple portfolios, you now have a new option that if enabled, will automatically add a stock and watch-list it if it does not exist in current portfolio, but is owned in another linked portfolio.
  • Bug Fix - If viewing balance form, monthly distribution tally could yield duplicate results.
  • Bug Fix - Star rating would not show correct result if payed more than 9 years of same or increased dividends.  Example : XOM
  • Net Change - Modification to catch stock 'todays' stock news.
  • Dividend rounding issues fixed.

6.4 Released April 26th 2015

  • Ability to customize highlight colors.
  • Overflow Error fix from v6.3


6.3 Released April 24th 2015

  • Dividend History support for Canadian stocks. (example : BMO.TO , MIC.TO )
  • Better design on download handling. System will no longer have to re-download the same stock amongst multiple portfolios. Data is shared amongst portfolios.
  • Added tally for daily percentage change. (tooltip will show $ price change)

6.2 Released March 27th 2015

  • Couldn't load in stock tickers that exceeded a length of 8 characters. (fixed)
  • Auto stock updating now pauses while your actively using software. (resolves slowdowns)
  • Other little oddities fixed.


6.0 Released January 19th 2015

  • Add stock news support
  • Footer can now display days portfolio/watch list news (customizable)
  • New news screen allows fetching news for chosen stock
  • New stock right click menu option added to view news
  • Ability to choose which toolbar buttons are visible (option menu)
  • New portfolio column.  Diversity : shows percentage to total expenditure.
  • Bug fix - Dividend error found - Would only occur if stock had special dividends.

5.2.581 Released December 5th 2014

  • Secondary source for Market Status
  • Dividend Bug Fixed. (Tricky little bug I am all to happy to be past)
  • Added new field to portfolio/watchlist - Sell Average

5.2.578 Released December 1st 2014

  • Source change fix - Importing/Discovering yields repaired.
  • Option to export discovered yields to excel format.
  • Dividend Source - Disallow multiple source check.
  • Source Change Fix - Market status. (Market Open / Market Closed)

5.2.577 Released November 28th 2014

  • Decode error from one source when dealing with CAD distributions.

5.2.575 Released November 24th 2014

  •  Fixed a dividend rate bug.

5.2.573 Released November 11th 2014

  • Preferred stock attempting to download chart when not available. (fixed)
  • Fixed not allowing you to delete portfolio in certain circumstances.

5.2.572 Released November 4th 2014

  • Preferred stocks not grabbing basic dividend information.  Software modification was necessary as source location made a modification.

5.2.571 Released September 21st 2014

  • Stock yearly performance with and without dividends now shown.
  • Mouse scroll wheel support added.
  • Rounding Issues resolved.
  • Resolved monthly dividend view not showing scroll bar.
  • Chart stock list no longer shows dormant stocks.
  • Balance form will now auto post dividends for all portfolios linked to balance form.
  • You can now modify the buy/sell shares of a 0 price buy/sell.
  • One client reported duplicate stocks on main screen. (resolved)


5.2.545 Released April 30th 2014

  • Major fixes to regional issues rendering TDM pretty useless in some countries.  *Thank you Ron from Belgium
  • Ability to manually add dividend distributions to History.

5.2 Released March 23rd 2014

  • New monthly distributions display to see past,current, and future payments.
  • Can now add TTM dividend yield and TTM My dividend yield to column.
  • Can now add TTM dividend yield to watch list.
  • Can now add TDM dividend star rating to portfolio and/or watch list.
  • Can now decide whether to include special dividends in future yield calculations.
  • Better support for special dividends
  • Can modify TDM font system wide, and you can modify portfolio and watch list font.

5.1 Released February 20th 2014

  • Ability to now export into Excel the grid layouts.  Ie, portfolio, watchlist,register,buy sell shares, etc.
  • Ability to view expanded watch-list view of upcoming ex-date stocks based days until ex-date ( 7,14,21 or 30 days)
  • Tool tip for ex-date on Portfolio will now show next scheduled ex-date.
  • Ex-date list can now show recently expired ex-dates (past) Specified within options menu.
  • Ex-date expanded view columns are saved uniquely.
  • New column added to Portfolio and Watchlist.  'Last Ex-Date'
  • Ability to minimize splash screen.  Ability to auto minimize splash screen via options.

 5.0 Released January 10th 2014

  • TDM can now find stocks for you based on a dividend yield range.
  • ADD Stock form will now pull up business summary - with ability to save as stock notes.
  • Ability to mark stock as DORMANT.  Dormant stocks will not grab any internet updates.
  • Backup feature quicker and better organized.
  • Fixed - TDM could go into infinite loop if existing stock is pulled off exchange and ticker no longer exists.
  • Ability to add multiple stocks more quickly.
  • Better sizing columns to fit text.

4.2 Released January 1st 2014

  • End of year Report - Resolved discrepancies within Pie-chart and Balance Bar Chart
  • Smarter TDM to better handle unique dividend situations.
  • Better polling on stocks to run smoother.
  • Resolved issue where, on rare occasions, 52 week would show gibberish.

4.1 Released November 1st 2013

  • More user friendly add buy/sell stock shares.
  • Balance form -  Added MTD (Month to Date)
  • Added current month as available drop down option for reporting.
  • Stopped using government site for some information retrieval.  Wasn't working because of Government Shutdown.  Didn't cause any real problem as back up site was utilized which was working.  Figured better to just annex the site altogether.

4.0 Released September 20th 2013

  • Detailed screen now shows a yearly snapshot of market gains along with dividend gains.
  • Report redesigned to reflect a statement.
  • Report now prints bar graph and pie charts.  (more user friendly)
  • Ability to specify date range on 'report'
  • Ability to specify printer before printing report.
  • Splash screen informational updates.
  • Ability to change default TDM database folder. ie.  save to network drive or thumbdrive
  • Segment and Industry can now be viewed on columns and edited directly from column, along with class.
  • Diversity chart shows multiple views.  Stock/Class/Segment/Industry.  (left click chart to cycle through views)
  • Tweaking the columns auto sizing.
  • Balance form will adjust to best fit for your screen resolution.
  • Set Balance added to 'Add Transaction Screen' allowing you to quickly sync TDM cash balance with brokerage account.
  • New feature added to zip compress current active portfolio.

3.8 Released June 27th 2013

  • Fractional Shares. -  Ability to buy/sell fractional shares.
  • Password protect unauthorized access to TDM.
  • Diversification based on class fields added to Portfolio
  • Diversification piechart
  • Balance bar chart color separates deposits.

 3.7 Released May 7th 2013

  • New feature added to Stock Calculator. [Profit] option.  Help button explains this new feature.
  • Better real estate allocation on portfolio & watchlist allowing for adding additional columns.
  • Stock class added as portfolio column.
  • Days change percentage added to portfolio and watchlist.
  • Days change decimal point change added to portfolio and watchlist.

3.6 Released March 16th

  • Minor bug fixes.

3.5  Released March 12th

  • More developed PDF help document.
  • Can initiate support ticket from HELP menu. Click HELP and Email Support.
  • Added [HELP] button to Stock Calculator for description and examples.
  • Status bar [cash balance] now highlighted.
  • New Quote button on portfolio footer to initiate an update of market quotes for portfolio only.
  • TDM tips can be displayed on bottom status bar.
  • Pro clients can disable automatic download update.
  • New more user friendly 'Add Transaction' button within 'register'
  • You can now initiate market quote on non portfolio/watch list stocks.
  • The following field information will be included within the stock tool-tip,stock detail form and available as portfolio & watchlist columns.
    • Revenue
    • Net-Income
    • Insider Ownership
    • Institutional Ownership
    • Short Ratio
    • Book Value per Share (NAV)

3.4 Released March 3rd 2013

  • Better dividend yield determination.
  • Add Stock form.  Pull more accurate dividend yield information via 'look up' button.

3.3 Released February 25th 2013

  • Ability to add stock classification to WatchList
  • Ability to edit stock classification directly from watchlist by clicking within watch-list cell.
  • Regional date issues with demo expiration
  • Dividend Retrieval enhancements. (additional data sources)

3.2 Released February 11th 2013

  • Ability to build/rebuild balance history.
  • Support for Classified Stocks
  • Added S&P 500
  • You can tag a dividend as a 'special dividend' so as to not be considered a recurring event.
  • Can now edit existing basic stock information from stock add form.
  • Stock Type, Sector and Industry added for display on Detail form and Stock popup.
  • Commercial Release

3.1 Released 12/16/2012

  • New header added to portfolio & watch list : Graphical Chart
  • New header added to portfolio - Dividend Distributions per Year
  • Year to Date added as time frame option on balance bar chart
  • If you sell 100% of a stock, but still due an upcoming dividend, stock will stay listed in portfolio until dividend paid.
  • Little bugs here and there.

3.0 Released 11/01/2012

  • New balance page will show current balances across any/all created portfolios.
  • New Pie Charts/Bar charts showing balance breakdowns.
  • New List - Upcoming Earnings Dates
  • Earnings Date now captured
  • Cash Balance now displayed on status bar
  • Keep notes on stocks
  • Easier method of adding stock dividends, stock splits, and stock mergers
  • New column in buy/sell to include total without commission
  • Yearly report gives more itemized descriptions on stock sales

2.1 Released 9/12/2012

  • There was a problem with updating in earlier versions.

2.0 Released 9/11/2012

  • ETF's are now recognized
  • Preferred dividends support.
  • Update fix.


TDM Testimonial

Thomas Dividend Software has been absolutely terrific in helping me accommodate my clients needs.  He has bent over backwards to tweak the software and has always been available; quickly responding to emails even on weekends. The software is excellent and I would highly recommend it to both individuals for their own account and to professionals for their clients.

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