1. Write down Serial Number

Run TDM, Click HELP / Registration and write down your current serial number.

2. Transfer TDM to new computer and/or techsupport/accountant.

Please initiate a backup first!  Click BACKUP option from the FILE menu.

If you wish to transfer the files via a memory stick, refer to #3. If you wish to transfer the files via email, refer to #4.

3. Method A : Memory Stick

Make sure you have inserted your flash drive into your PC and that you can see it from 'My Computer'.  Next, from within TDM, select the file menu, and choose backup.  Depending on whether or not you have backed up before, it will ask you where you wish to backup to, or if you wish to back up to the same location as last time.  You wish to back to the drive letter that was assigned to your memory stick.  Once you have selected the memory stick, the back will occur, and once finished, you will be notified of the completion.

Remove the memory stick, and transfer it to your new computer.  Open up TDM on the new computer, and go to the HELP menu item, registration and register your new copy of TDM.  Once completed, choose the File menu and select the restore option.  TDM will inform you to find the "SETTINGS.DAT" file and to select that within the TDM folder.  Click okay, and select the memory stick drive letter.  You will see the backup within a couple of folders.  The first folder will be the YEAR of the backup.  Go into that folder, and then go into the folder that represents the day of the backup.  You  should then see a bunch of files and you want to select the "SETTINGS.DAT" file.  Now select the open button, and TDM will be restored from that backup.  TDM will restart, and everything should be properly transferred and ready to use.

4. Method B : Email

By default, TDM files are saved under 'My Documents'.  Use windows file explorer to go into your documents folder, and you will see a 'TDM Portfolio' folder.  Right click the 'TDM Portfolio' folder and select 'Send To'. An expanded menu will appear and you want to select the menu item 'Compressed (zipped) Folder' . This will create a file in your documents folder called TDM Portfolio.zip. Now right click the TDM Portfolio.zip file and select 'Send To' and choose 'Mail Recipient'. This will then start an email launch where you can specify the email address to send the file to. If the 'Mail Recipient' option does not work because you use online email, the TDM Portfolio.zip is the file you want to send as an attachment. Once emailed, from the new computer you want to retrieve the email and download the attachment and run the attachment. You want to extract the files to your DOCUMENTS folder on the new computer.

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