Updated 5/16/2024:

I took a breather, ie 2023, and really only made TDM modifications that were necessary. However, that changed starting in 2024.  I made a huge # of modifications to TDM in the last 5 months.  I am still very active on it as i still use the software daily.  Currently I am spending a lot of attention on efficiency and performance.  I also put a good amount of time into adding additional reports and improving ways to see historical performance.  I also put a lot of effort into giving me cross portfolio information so i don't have to jump portfolios as often. For my clients, it's only a plus for you.  Whether or not you utilize the many new features, TDM version 11 is smoother, faster, more efficient, and at 100% on data capturing.

2023 Update :

Many 3rd party changes have happened lately.  Been trying my best to stay on top of it, but if you run into something, please make sure you make me aware of it.  We don't all use the software the same way, and what might be obvious to you may not be an issue for other users of the software.  A excellent resource on this website is the revisions page which shows a list of the software releases, along with any issues currently fixed but not yet released.

Please make sure you are running the latest version of TDM.  If your software hasn't updated in awhile, verify you're running the latest version via the license & download section. Running older versions of TDM can/will cause a myriad of problems.

We are no longer selling/renewing licenses.  This in no way means the product is End of Life.  I still use TDM every day, and will keep maintaining it for myself and active PRO license holders. 

2022 Update :

Now that we no longer accept renewals, congratulations to those that locked in their status...  Any other users that might be using TDM and have NOT kept up their license, can no longer be renewed.  If those older versions of TDM continue to work for you, I'm happy to hear it, how ever, support will not be available.

For those that have an active serial as of 1/1/2022 are no longer required to renew. Those active serials will be able to continue using TDM as long as they keep their TDM software up-to-date and utilize the software at least once a year.   I plan on switching TDM to a maintain status.  That being said, updates that are released will most probably be critical updates.  Running older versions of the software makes support impossible, so please make sure your running the latest version before contacting support.  I still use TDM every day myself, and will do my part to keep that going for myself, and for those of you that stuck around.

Thanks.  I really enjoyed creating and continuing TDM the last 10 years.  TDM is not dead, it just went from a profession to a hobby.  Being i am no longer participating in any other professions, Ill have time for my hobbies.  (smile)

2021 Update :

For existing PRO license holders, you can still renew your license up until December 31st, 2021.  As of January 1st 2022 all valid PRO license holders will enjoy automatic free renewals.  Why?  1) A special thank you for those that found value in the software and stuck with it over the years.  2) I don't want to deal with the taxes.  3)  I've noticed over the last couple years, it is getting harder and harder to scrape the internet for the necessary information.  I worry that some data, may at some point, become inaccessible, and i would feel guilty if people were still paying for the service.  Like i said, I myself still use TDM daily, and would be lost without it. So, don't worry, I'm not ripping the rug out from underneath anyone.  If the rug is ripped out, it will be because of inaccessible fetching of data.   I appreciate that my existing clients don't need babying which makes things easier on me and allows me the freedom to do this.  If you run into Bugs or Issues, please still report them.  And hopefully, we can keep TDM managing our portfolio(s) for years to come.


TDM Testimonial

I would tell you that I own stock which recently whacked its dividend in half. Your dividend software picked it up before any of the other resources I use. I was able to get out at market open before the stampede. Its already proven its worth.

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