Please make sure you are running the latest version of TDM.  If your software hasn't updated in awhile, verify you are running the latest version via the license & download section. Running an older version of TDM can cause missed stock daily information updates.

We are no longer selling new licenses.  This in no way means the product is End of Life.  I still use TDM every day, and will keep maintaining it for myself and the current license holders.  For existing license holders, you can still renew your license.

People are moving away from PC's and to phone apps.  I have no interest in moving the product in that direction, and sales of new licenses had trailed off.  So, it was not worth accepting new licenses, especially being new clients tend to initially require  a lot more support.  - I'm winding down for retirement...

TDM Testimonial

TDM is the absolute best dividend tracking software available today. I can track any number of metrics that I want, always know what my APY on each stock, and on my portfolio is, can see immediately when a stock increases/decreases dividends, and always know what my monthly dividend payouts will be.

As wonderful as the software is, the support is even better. This is support like Ive seen nowhere else, literally. Extremely responsive, always. Most places say we will return your email within 24 hours and they get back to you within 48. With TDM it's more like 24 to 48 MINUTES. And the support has been phenomenal; willing to change anything needed, and does it quickly!

Mike Cleveland


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